En esta sección presentamos los artículos de investigación producidos por los miembros y contactos de AMARUN. Estos artículos son originales y su descarga es totalmente libre. Las versiones presentadas aquí pueden diferir de las versiones publicadas.


Fecha Titulo Autor
85) 31.07.2020 Aggregated Shapley e↵ects: nearest-neighbor estimation procedure and 2 confidence intervals. Application to avalanche long term forecasting María Belén Heredia et. al.
84) 31.07.2020 Nonparametric estimation of aggregated Sobol’ indices: application to a depth averaged snow avalanche model María Belén Heredia et. al.
83) 23.07.2020 On the partial regularity theory for the MHD equations Diego Chamorro &  Jiao He
82) 21.07.2020 Concentration of infinitely many solutions for a nonlinear Schrödinger equation with critical-frequency potential: finite case Juan Mayorga, Leonardo Medina & Carlos Muñoz
81) 21.07.2020 Blow-up for a nonlinear PDE with fractional Laplacian and singular quadratic nonlinearity Diego Chamorro & Elena Issoglio
80) 25.06.2020 Liouville theorems for a stationary and non-stationary coupled system of liquid crystal flows Oscar Jarrin
79) 17.06.2020 Spatial behavior of solutions for a large class of non-local PDE's arising from stratified flows Manuel Fernando Cortez & Oscar Jarrin
78) 24.02.2020 Weak suitable solutions for 3D MHD equations for intermittent initial data Pedro Fernandez & Oscar Jarrin
77) 06.02.2020 On the local regularity theory for the MHD equations Diego Chamorro, Fernando Cortez, Jiao He & Oscar Jarrin
76) 10.01.2020 A short note on the uniqueness of the trivial solution for the steady-state Navier-Stokes equations  Oscar Jarrin
75) 24.10.2019 Existence of infinite-energy and discretely self-similar global weak solutions for the 3D MHD equations Pedro Fernandez & Oscar Jarrin
74) 27.08.2019 The Gerstenhaber bracket and cycles in the modules category of monomial quadratic algebra Juan Carlos Bustamante & Patrick Le Meur
73) 29.07.2019 A remark on the Liouville problem for stationary Navier-Stokes equations in Lorentz and Morrey spaces Oscar Jarrín
72) 29.07.2019 From the potential to the first Hochschild cohomology group of a cluster tilted algebra Juan Carlos Bustamante et. al.
71) 29.07.2019 Weak solutions for the Navier-Stokes equations with initial data in weighted L^2 spaces Pedro Fernandez & Pierre Gilles Lemarié-Rieusset
70) 29.04.2019 On the Kolmogorov dissipation law in a damped Navier-Stokes equation Diego Chamorro, Oscar Jarrín & Pierre Gilles Lemarié-Rieusset
69) 05.02.2019 New statistical methods for precipitation bias correction applied to WRF model simulations in the Antisana Region (Ecuador) María Belén Heredia et. al.
68) 21.01.2019 A Two-step Fan-beam Backprojection Slice Theorem Patricio Guerrero & Eduardo Miqueles
67) 26.11.2018 Optimal decay and asymptotic behavior of solutions to a non-local perturbed KdV equation Fernando Cortez & Oscar Jarrin
66) 29.05.2018 Some Liouville theorems for stationary Navier-Stokes equations in Lebesgue and Morrey spaces Diego Chamorro, Oscar Jarrin & Pierre-Gilles Lemarié
65) 19.01.2018 Large Deviations of the Activity in the Contact Process: Finite-Time and Finite-Nc Scalings in the Large-L Limit Esteban Guevara
64) 03.09.2017 Local stability of energy estimates for the Navier–Stokes equations Diego Chamorro, Pierre-Gilles Lemarié & Kawther Mayoufi
63) 10.07.2017 Finite-Time and -Size Scalings in the Evaluation of Large Deviation Functions: Numerical Analysis in Continuous Time Esteban Guevara et. al.
62) 10.07.2017 Finite-Time and -Size Scalings in the Evaluation of Large Deviation Functions: Analytical Study using a Birth-Death Process Esteban Guevara et. al.
61) 03.06.2017 Bin Size Independence in Intra-day Seasonalities for Relative Prices Esteban Guevara
60) 10.05.2017 Frequency decay for Navier-Stokes stationary solutions Diego Chamorro, Oscar Jarrin & P.G. Lemarié
59) 23.12.2016 Three-dimensional imaging of flat natural and cultural heritage objects by a Compton scatter modality Patricio Guerrero et al.
58) 23.12.2016 Modelling of a New Compton Imaging Modality for an In-Depth Characterisation of Flat Heritage Objects Patricio Guerrero et al.
57) 18.10.2016 Non Linear Singular Drifts and Fractional Operators: when Besov meets Morrey and Campanato Diego Chamorro & Stéphane Menozzi
56) 01.09.2016 Resolving the chicken-and-egg problem in VO2: a new paradigm for the Mott transition Oscar Nájera et al.
55) 12.05.2016 Representation theory of partial relation extensions Juan Carlos Bustamante et al.
54) 18.04.2016 Discreteness Effects in Population Dynamics Esteban Guevara & Vivien Lecompte
53) 18.02.2016 The role of the pressure in the partial regularity theory for weak solutions of the Navier–Stokes equations Diego Chamorro, Pierre-Gilles Lemarié & Kawther Mayoufi
52) 15.09.2015 Slowly oscillating solution of the cubic heat equation Fernando Cortez
51) 15.09.2015 Blow-up for the b-family equations Fernando Cortez
50) 07.05.2015 Functional Inequalities in Stratified Lie groups with Sobolev, Besov, Lorentz and Morrey spaces Diego Chamorro,  Anca Marcoci & Liviu Marcoci
49) 15.04.2015 Meitner Cadena
48) 07.02.2015 Meitner Cadena            
47) 22.12.2014 Fractional operators with singular drift: Smoothing properties and Morrey-Campanato spaces Diego Chamorro & Stéphane Menozzi
46) 19.11.2014 An extension of the class of regularly varying functions Meitner Cadena & Marie Kratz
45) 17.09.2014 Fractional Laplacians and nilpotent Lie groups Diego Chamorro & Oscar Jarrin
44) 08.05.2014 Blowup issues for a class of nonlinear dispersive wave equations Fernando Cortez & Lorenzo Brandolese
43) 04.03.2014 PDEs in moving time dependent domains Fernando Cortez & Anibal Rodriguez Bernal 
42) 05.01.2014  A remark on Besov spaces interpolation over the 2-adic group Diego Chamorro 
41) 25.11.2013  On permanent and breaking waves in hyperelastic rods and rings Fernando Cortez & Lorenzo Brandolese 
40) 18.11.2013 Generation of HDR images in non-static conditions based on gradient fusion Sira Ferradans et al.
39) 18.11.2013  Regularized discrete optimal transport Sira Ferradans et al. 
38) 18.11.2013 Static and dynamic texture mixing using Optimal Transport Sira Ferradans et al.
37) 29.07.2013 Stochastic coalescence multi-fragmentation processes Eduardo Cepeda
36) 29.07.2013 Well-posedness for a coagulation multiple-fragmentation equation Eduardo Cepeda
35) 22.07.2013 Iterative approaches for a dynamic memory allocation problem in embedded systems Maria Soto,  André Rossi & Marc Sevaux
34) 02.07.2013 A molecular method applied to a non-local PDE in stratified Lie groups Diego Chamorro
33) 11.03.2013 Sobolev like cones of trace-class operators on unbounded domains: interpolation inequalities and compactness properties Juan Mayorga & Zuly Salinas
32) 05.10.2012 Non-local diffusion equations with Lévy-type operators and divergence free drift Diego Chamorro
31) 15.07.2012 Real Interpolation method, Lorentz spaces and refined Sobolev inequalities  Diego Chamorro & Pierre Gilles Lemarié-Rieusset
30) 06.01.2012  Desigualdades logarítmicas de Gagliardo-Nirenberg mejoradas sin constantes optimales Diego Chamorro
29) 15.12.2011  Algunas herramientas matemáticas para la economía y las finanzas: el movimiento Browniano y la integral de Wiener  Diego Chamorro 
28) 06.11.2011  A coupled Schrödinger equations with time-oscillating nonlinearity  Xavier  Carvajal, P. Gamboa  & M. Panthee 
27) 26.10.2011  A remark on admissible triples for the generalized KdV equation  Xavier Carvajal 
26) 25.10.2011  General probability weighted moments for the three-parameter Weibull Distribution and their application in S-N curves modelling Paul Toasa 
25) 10.06.2011  Three new upper bounds on the chromatic number  Maria Soto,  André Rossi & Marc Sevaux 
24) 12.04.2011  Remarks on a fractional diffusion transport equation with applications to the dissipative quasi-geostrophic  Diego Chamorro 
23) 04.06.2010  A mathematical model and a metaheuristic approach for a memory allocation problem  Maria Soto, André Rossi & Marc Sevaux
22) 02.11.2010  A counterexample for improved Sobolev inequalities over the 2-adic group   Diego Chamorro 
21) 04.10.2010  Louchowski's equation: rate of convergence of the Marcus - Lushnikov process  Eduardo Cepeda 
20) 16.09.2010  Some functional inequalities on polynomial volume growth Lie groups  Diego Chamorro 
19) 09.09.2010  Scheduling supply chain node with fixed components arrivals and two partially flexible deliveries  Susana Carrera
18) 27.08.2010  Scheduling problems for logistic platforms with fixed staircase component arrivals and various deliveries hypotheses  Susana Carrera
17) 01.04.2010  On uniqneness and decay of solution for Hirota equation  Xavier Carvajal  & M. Panthee 
16) 28.03.2010 Persistence of solutions to higher order nonlinear Schrödinger equation Xavier Carvajal  & W. Neves
15) 28.02.2010 The effects of reducing mating likelihood on population viability Luis Gordillo 
14) 28.02.2010 q-Hausdorff summability Luis Gordillo
13) 04.02.2010  Stochastic epidemic modeling Luis Gordillo 
12) 11.06.2009  Outils d’aide à la décision pour le lissage de charges des plateformes  Susana Carrera 
11) 26.02.2008  Modèle linéaire pour le lissage de charge d'une plateforme  Susana Carrera 
10) 30.03.2007  Portafolio de consumo. Problema de Merton  Eduardo Cepeda 
9) 30.03.2007  Cálculo estocástico y finanzas de mercado  Eduardo Cepeda 
8) 03.05.2007  On the local well-posedness for some systems of coupled KdV equations  Borys Alvarez & Xavier Carvajal  
7) 27.02.2007  Improved Sobolev Inequalities and Muckenhoupt weights on stratified Lie groups  Diego Chamorro 
6) 07.07.2006 Compactness properties for trace-class operators and applications to quantum mechanics Juan Mayorga
5) 10.11.2005 Multiplicity and concentration for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with critical frequency Juan Mayorga
4) 24.08.2005 A priori estimates for solutions of a nonlinear dispersive equation Xavier Carvajal
3) 30.04.2005  Sharp global well-posedness for a higher order Schrödinger equation  Xavier Carvajal 
2) 31.06.2003  Well-posedness for a higher order Nonlinear Schrödinger equation in Sobolev spaces of negative indices  Xavier Carvajal 
1) 01.11.2000  A Discontinuous Problem with Quasilinear Operator  Juan Mayorga