On the local well-posedness for some systems of coupled KdV equations
Revisiting extensions of regularly varying functions
A note on tauberian theorems of exponential type
An extension of the class of regularly varying functions
Modèle linéaire pour le lissage de charge d'une plateforme
Outils d’aide à la décision pour le lissage de charges des plateformes
Scheduling problems for logistic platforms with fixed staircase component arrivals and various deliveries hypotheses
Scheduling supply chain node with fixed components arrivals and two partially flexible deliveries
Sharp global well-posedness for a higher order Schrödinger equation
A priori estimates for solutions of a nonlinear dispersive equation
A remark on admissible triples for the generalized KdV equation
A coupled Schrödinger equations with time-oscillating nonlinearity
On uniqneness and decay of solution for Hirota equation
Persistence of solutions to higher order nonlinear Schrödinger equation
A molecular method applied to a non-local PDE in stratified Lie groups (Diego Chamorro)
A counterexample for improved Sobolev inequalities over the 2-adic group
Remarks on a fractional diffusion transport equation with applications to the dissipative quasi-geostrophic
Algunas herramientas matemáticas para la economía y las finanzas: el movimiento Browniano y la integral de Wiener
Desigualdades logarítmicas de Gagliardo-Nirenberg mejoradas sin constantes optimales
Non-local diffusion equations with Lévy-type operators and divergence free drift
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